Medical transportation with Air Ambulance International

Air Ambulance International arranges domestic and international air ambulance transportation using medically-equipped fixed wing aircraft. Flights are available 24/7 all year long.

Air Ambulance International (AAI) is a long established company, born in 1968 and with an excellence of service within the diverse roles of air ambulances, medical escorts, and the private ground ambulance domain, a provider of domestic and international fixed-wing ambulance flights. We are strategically based to provide air medical transportation and medical evacuation flights worldwide.

If you are in need of a company that provides medical flights to or from anywhere in the world, whether for yourself or a patient in your care, Air Ambulance International is a leading, ambulance care provider that offers world-class transportation services to those in need of transfer to medical facilities. You can read more here about our medical flights.

Air medical services is a comprehensive term covering the use of air transportation, to move patients to and from healthcare facilities and accident scenes. Personnel provide comprehensive pre-hospital and emergency care to all types of patients during aeromedical evacuation or rescue operations aboard the aircraft.

Please navigate to this website for inquiries about air ambulance services that you require. So please feel free to ask for a language specialist and if available he/she will call you back anywhere in the world promptly.

You can check our air ambulance service here.


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