Air ambulance services in London

International air ambulances evacuation is an extremely intricate and complex matter and is not always the answer.

It is sometimes neither in the medical interest of the patient nor within the financial resource of the individual having to pay the cost of medical bill. Financial pressures, however, must be resisted and all decisions taken on medical grounds, otherwise an unnecessary element of risk is introduced.

Hasty and badly organised air ambulance and medical evacuations could result in costly and ill coordinated exercises to the detriment of the patient and family.

Air Ambulance London is a dedicated air ambulance service flying throughout the world which can best determine the appropriate action that is required in the event of a medical emergency occurring overseas.

Heathrow Air Ambulance Service is a repatriation specialist company, which can rapidly provide the very best repatriation solutions for :

  • The insurance industry:
  • The travel industry:
  • International repatriation companies:
  • Consulates and embassies:
  • Companies, both public and private:
  • Various Hospital Trusts:
  • The National Health Service:
  • Private customers.


Medical Repatriation London has over 30 years experience in the field of repatriation, we are able at short notice to effect the safe, worry-free transfer of patients from any part of the globe. Either by scheduled airline or private air ambulance. This service provides:

  • Investigation
  • Assessment
  • Report and Advice
  • Ticketing
  • Medical Clearance
  • Transfers to and from airports
  • Paramedic escorts
  • All necessary equipment
  • Hospital admission and appropriate medical referral
  • Continuous liaison and reporting to the client throughout

In the event of a death of family member, friend or work colleague, the utmost tact and discretion is required, alongside an in-depth understanding of the transportation, permits and death certificates in respect of the deceased. We have for over twenty years been proud to be associated with Rowland Brothers International who are renowned throughout the world in this line of work.

If you wish, you can contact us here at Heathrow Air Ambulance and we will be happy to handle your enquiry or go direct to Rowland Brothers on the following link.

Contact Info:

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