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Lower Back Pain And Treatments

Back pain is a big problem, because we use our backs for almost everything we do, whether we’re sitting, or standing, or even laying down – your back is being used.

And back problems occur if you have to pick something up, if you have to do some work around the house, or if it’s the work that you do at work – you can strain your back, or you can actually injure your back.

And the way that our back is designed, because we stand on two feet, it makes it easy for us to injure our back, unfortunately.

The frustrating part about back pain is that there are so many different parts of your back that are involved with creating pain in that area. You can injure the muscles by straining them, you can injure the joints by moving them too far so they move out of place, you can pinch a nerve – which is, by far, the worst.

And often times, it’s a combination of those factors, which leads to a condition which perpetuates itself. You’ve injured a muscle which causes the joints not to work properly, they irritate the nerve, which then causes the muscles to tighten up. And it just keeps going around in a cycle of pain until you do something to break that cycle, and allow your body to heal.

The longer you’ve had a problem, the longer it can take for you to get better. It doesn’t mean it’s going to take an extremely long time, but typically, it’s going to take you longer.

Part of what we have to do is undoing all the accommodations you’ve made – that funny way you walk, the way that you struggle to get out of a chair, the way that you have to take your time getting out of bed, all of those things that your body has learned to do to accommodate the injury that you have, we have to undo. And then, we have to work on correcting your problem. And then, strengthening your body so that the problem doesn’t reoccur.


Tension Headache Migraines

Headaches are a very common complaint. And there’s a lot of different causes. And they all feel kind of similar to people, although the location of the pain in your head can change based upon what’s causing it.

So, we’re here to talk about something that’s a very common chronic disabling condition called migraine headache.

There’s a vascular component where your body causes constriction of the blood vessels.

And, by far, the most common cause of migraine headache has to do with tension in your neck.

And sometimes it’s referred to muscle tension headache, or vertebrogenic headache, but all of them lead to the same thing – debilitating headaches which start in the back of your head. And sometimes people report that they feel it coming over the top of their head, and pressing down on one or both of the eyes.

These conditions are caused by misalignments and pressure on the nerves in the neck, which can be due to previous injuries, or bad posture. Contracting those muscles causes tightness, causes problems which lead to pinching the nerves there. And those pinched nerves in your neck will radiate pain up into your head, and give you a headache.

In order to alleviate this problem, the first step is in correcting the misalignments in the vertebrae in your neck, reducing the muscle spasm in your neck.

And then, of course, you’re just going to change the posture in the way that you’re sitting, whether you’re at home, or in the office looking at the computer; so that you can not have the problem reoccur.



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