Foot injuries rehab with 3D Printed Custom Orthotics

All of our custom-made orthotics start with a 3D scan of the feet in our clinic or you can do that yourself, by downloading and using our custom mobile app. Based on the findings from the analysis and various post processing tests, we will do a prescription for your orthotics.

The lab processes the 3D scan and produces a wooden mould of your feet. From there, the lab makes the shell with the selected material. We generally use a 2mm or 3mm polypropylene (poly for short) for a durable and functional shell. A sheet in the specified thickness is then pressed against the wooden mould. Once pressed, excess polypropylene is removed around the shell, which is then further shaped and beveled according to the prescription. Any add-ons, such as, rearfoot posts, are added to the poly shell. Once that is all done, a cover is put on top of the shell. With some finishing touches, a pair of orthotics is finished!

This process has produced accurate and comfortable custom orthotics consistently, but it falls short in a few areas compared to 3D printing

1 – 3D printing is more environmentally friendly.

Before the pressing method was available (the one our lab uses), traditional milling yields a wastage of 97-98% as it involves the use of a 2kg block of polypropylene where excess material is shaved off to create the shape. The pressing method yields a wastage of 10%. 3D printing yields the lowest wastage at 0.5%. It is a significant improvement in wastage reduction, making 3D printing a more environmentally sustainable production.

2 – 3D printed orthotics are lighter.

When you compare 3mm of poly to 3mm of 3D printed shell, the latter is significantly lighter. There also aren’t “add-ons” with 3D printing. For example, traditionally, a rearfoot post is made of EVA, which is then shaped, angled and glued to the poly shell. With 3D printing, however, the rearfoot post is printed as a whole together with the shell. The final product, therefore, looks sleeker and more coherent.

Everyone’s feet is different, which requires a customised solution.We make corrective custom orthotic insoles so that your biomechanics are corrected and you can walk pain free. We make these customised orthotics or insoles by analysing more than 2000 points of your foot. We scan and take into account your pronation, arch, feet size, age, weight, height to design and 3D Print fully custom made Insoles with correction. It’s made of TPU as lower layer and PORON® as top layer. For an average active person, Insole has durability of 24 months. You can remove your existing sole to insert Shapecrunch’s Custom orthotics. All our customised insoles have 6 months warranty.

“I have currently an achilles tendon issue. The first pair I received was good but not adapted for my problem. The customer service sent me new one for free with an adapted heel. This company is the first one doing such an effort to satisfy customers. Quality of the insoles, fast delivery, easy to order. You can order eyes closed.”

We also offer a Flat feet correction service, a postural deformity in which the arches of the foot collapse, with the entire sole of the foot coming into complete or near-complete contact with the ground.