Is Kratom High Safer Than Opiates?

Is Kratom high safe? Will it cause any side effects? Should I take Kratom or not?

There are many questions that arise in the minds of people. These questions are persuasive because Kratom can be safe and harmful depending on how you take.

Though Kratom energizes your body it can also cause harmful adverse effects but it’s a better option rather than taking Opiates which are harmful.

Kratom reacts 10 or 15 minutes later after taking the dose. An optimum Kratom dosage can make you feel good and energize though one shouldn’t overdose it as it’s a drug and no drug is safe for human body.

Our body cannot handle all drugs or combination of drugs easily it takes time to mix with the body fluids inside, so it should be taken into consideration on when and how much to intake.

Is Kratom unique when compared to Opiates?


As we already compared above Kratom and Opiates we can conclude that Kratom wins with plus points as it’s safe than Opiates due to it being less addictive and it shows effects slowly. Opiates are strong but Kratom are safe so this is what makes Kratom unique when compared to opiates.

Is Kratom safer than Opiates?

We all have talked a lot about Kratom and Opiates and to end it this one just might be perfect.

We all know now about Kratom and Opiates that there’s one clear difference between both is that Kratom has less potential for dangerous side effects such as respiratory depression.

When overdosed on Opiates it leads to respiration problems which causes fatality.

This happens all too easily whether legal or non-legal opiates, but this is not the case with Kratom as they are slower and less harmful.

When researched on animals it was said that mitragynine alkaloid from Kratom didn’t cause any respiratory depression.

When abused too much it won’t affect much like it might when opiates taken.

It has also been said that Kratom could pave the way towards developing pain medication that can reduce pain without causing any damage and provide the same benefits that of opiates but reducing risk of death due to overdose of Kratom.

Final Thoughts


In conclusion, one can say that Kratom may produce Euphoria or high effects like that of Opiates but the dose matter because a small dose won’t harm the body whereas the excess dose can be fatal.

An optimum dose and an appropriate strain are required to produce the high.

The best point about Kratom is that it produces various effects without causing any major adverse effects.

Some Kratom has very low abuse potential which can be good as well as addiction potential though some get addicted to it and over abuses it but everyone’s control varies so one cannot say who might over abuse and who won’t.

Kratom also doesn’t provide quick tolerance.