FUE hair transplant surgery tips

Lets discuss about hair transplant procedure advices. Also a few hair transplant maintenance advices. So you’ve finally had that long-awaited hair transplant, and you are ready to go home and start growing hair! Well, that’s great, but let’s slow down a bit and think about all the things that may help in insuring the best possible outcome for this procedure.

The critical time immediately post-procedure is particularly important. Unfortunately, today there are low prices and mega graft surgeries being offered overseas, presented as easy and cheap. One of the downsides that traveling far for cosmetic procedures creates, is a lack of adequate follow-up care and instruction. For instance, within the first 48 hours, one should not touch, scratch, wash or otherwise contact the scalp. This is a key time for infection avoidance. Your surgeon should be in contact with you in case of any problems.

It’s been a process, but hair loss technology has come a long way since the standard practice of strip hair transplant surgeries. In a fashion-conscious city like Toronto, hair transplant technologies seem to grow in popularity around celebrities and A-listers first. FUE has revealed remarkable results for those in the public eye who restore their hair using follicular unit extraction. Now it’s one of the most straightforward solutions for hair loss, available for both men and women. FUE is also the least traumatic to the scalp and carries the highest success rate yet. Read on to learn what’s exciting about today’s hair restoration surgery options. Using specialized punch tools and automated technology, the shaft and bulb of the hairs are harvested along with important surrounding tissues. The grafts are typically 1mm or less in diameter, and the graft holes close over very quickly. A tiny rotatory is punched to harvest micro-units of just 1-3 hairs at a time. Read more info on Hair Transplant in Toronto by Nova Medical.

Healing time may vary, but with FUE, recovery is much faster compared to previous strip transplant methods. The incisions made during surgery are nearly invisible, and patients may begin regular activity within a couple of days post-procedure. The latest and most advanced FUE devices work on a microscopic level, an innovative new approach that has transformed the hair transplant industry. These leading technologies extract follicles faster than ever before, lowering procedure time to an astonishing 5-6 hours. The tiny incisions made to extract follicles leave behind almost nonexistent scars compared to the FUT procedure. As a result, our patients may return to their normal lives quickly and without the need to tell anyone the procedure was done.

Reasons people seek hair restoration? Some people spend years researching their options before deciding to proceed with a hair transplant in Toronto. If you’re one of them, it’s good to know you’re not alone in wondering when is the right time to intervene. Hair restoration surgeries have come a long way, and today’s advanced FUE recovery time is shorter and easier than ever. Also, the natural-looking results that can be achieved, coupled with a virtually scarless result is drawing more and more attention from men and women just like you.

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