Top PCR tests in Manchester, Liverpool and London

Best PCR test in Manchester, Liverpool and London? A Fit to Fly certificate is required by many countries in order to travel internationally. This is to ensure the safety of all passengers on board and to reduce the risk of transmitting Covid-19. A Fit to Fly certificate is issued after completing a PCR or Antigen test, which involve a nasal/throat swab that checks for active Covid-19. If the results of this test are negative a Fit to Fly certificate is issued and you are ready to travel. The PCR test is what most countries and airlines require in order to travel. Our PCR tests come with a Fit to Fly certificate so that upon completion of the test you are ready to travel. The PCR test is the most reliable and accurate Covid-19 test capable of detecting even small traces of Covid-19. Your results will be with you next-day.

How do I book a Fit to Fly COVID test? You can book a PCR test by getting in touch with us today and clicking the make an appointment link. How long does a fit to fly test take? A fit to fly certificate for COVID-19 usually only takes 5 to 10 minutes to administer. Results from a fit to fly covid test usually come back within 12 to 48 hours depending on the service paid for. Can I use an NHS test for travel? No, you cannot. These tests are not recognised by international border staff or airlines. You will need to have a coronavirus private test administered. The NHS tests are designed for people that show symptoms or believe they have come in to contact with some who is COVID-19 positive. It is a misuse of government testing to use the NHS test for your travel. For travel you require a PCR test that is stamped and signed by a verified lab and doctor, not an NHS test.

How long does the test take? The testing itself takes 15 minutes, result issuance is dependant on the service and clinic you select which ranges from 12 to 48 hours. How long is the fit to fly certificate valid for? So this really depends on the country you are intending to travel to. But generally speaking this is valid from 3 days to a week but every country has different guidelines. How much does the COVID-19 test cost? The test starts from £149 upwards depending on the type of test carried out. Does my destination require a fit to fly certificate? Generally speaking you can check which countries require it by going to their relevant government and embassy websites or searching our travel requirement database. Countries that require the test include the UAE, China, South Korea, Singapore and many more. More information can be obtained regarding travel information for the UK here. Read more info at RT-PCR Saliva Test: This test involves using a swab at the back of the throat. It is then sent to a laboratory where results take between 24-48 hours to say if you are Fit to Fly.

PCR Test for Travel: Many countries now require a negative PCR Test done at least 72h before arrival. The test must be booked prior to travelling and a Fit to Fly Certificate will be issued on the same day, next day or in 2 days. Book now to get your PCR test for travel. Private COVID-19 Testing: Our PCR Tests will be carried out by a professional team in one of our clinics around the UK. The PCR is the most accurate test on the market and it certifies you are safe to travel. What is a private RT-PCR Test: RT-PCR Test is accepted by all countries and is from a UKAS accredited laboratory. It shows if you have the virus at the moment and is accepted and required by most airlines.

I need my fit to fly certificate to be signed, can you do this? Yes, all of our certificates are stamped and signed. I live outside of London. Can you post me a kit? Yes, we can. Just call us to arrange this and it depends on our capacity for postal. What does a PCR Test involve? The test involves taking a nasal/throat swab. These are then sent to a UKAS accredited lab for analysis where they amplify the result to see if you have COVID-19. Are there additional fees for the certificate? No there are not. All of our fees are transparent. Read additional details on here.